Developed specifically for use with high-stakes, public safety and protective services personnel, the 16pf Protective Services Report Plus (16pf PSR+) is research-based and job-relevant.

A Robust, Post-offer Selection Tool

The 16pf PSR+ delivers:

  • A complete picture of the candidate, combining information about his/her mental and emotional functioning along with a detailed normal personality profile;
  • A valid and reliable method for identifying candidates to move forward in the selection process; and
  • A quick screen for the pathology factors that could derail individuals in public safety and security positions.

A Multi-Dimensional Look at Personality

The 16pf PSR+ is generated from the 16pf Psychological Evaluation Questionnaire (16pf PEQ) which is a combination of 140 clinical items and the 16pf Questionnaire. The report includes the same in-depth normal personality information as the 16pf Protective Services Report (16pf PSR) that is used in pre-offer selection plus additional narrative insights into the individual’s thought patterns, beliefs, and behavior.

The report also provides guidance on how the elevated clinical scales may affect a candidate’s job performance and thus warrant further evaluation. This information is supplemented by a score profile of the twelve clinical scales, plus a QuickEval Index and three composite indices that signal whether further exploration may be needed in the areas of depression, distorted thoughts, and risk-taking.

“The 16pf Questionnaire is the most highly-validated instrument of its type and the most valuable tool we have in our assessment arsenal.” (Excerpt from a presentation at a retreat for the Larcen Consulting Group’s Core Consulting Team.)

Dell Larcen

Los Altos, CA