PAN’s 16pf Career Success Report provides students with research-driven career interest feedback and practical personality information that can be used to increase self-knowledge and lead to a successful college experience.

The report is generated from the 16pf Questionnaire, a powerful tool for counselors and advisors who recognize the value of considering an individual’s unique personality when investigating potential career choices or vocations.

The report and companion Student e-Workbook examine:

  • Learning and Problem Solving
  • Coping with Stress
  • Interpersonal Styles
  • Work Style
  • Maximizing Personal Effectiveness
  • Career and Occupational Interests

Group-level Profile Available

Interested in examining the overall traits of your students or particular groups of students? Contact us about a group-level profile.

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This report is available for purchase on the PAN platform, along with many other assessments and features!

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“By using a data-driven process rather than gut instincts, we knew we could raise the quality of new hires and show results to senior executives, thereby demonstrating the value of HR to the organization.”

Irma Long

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